What is Synergy!?

Synergy is a private fitness facility providing personal training, small group classes, and nutritional guidance.  We have over 18 years of training experience working with ALL ages, body types, fitness levels and injuries.  We are passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.



Why does Synergy think exercise is important?!

Simple.  To make daily life easier and more enjoyable, as well as to help reduce or eliminate any current health risks.

We recognize that changing habits or achieving a certain health or fitness goal can be VERY overwhelming.  Knowing that, we take EVERY step we can to walk you through your journey, providing you accountability, direction, support, and knowledge along the way.  We maintain great attention to detail to maximize the results of your work and to diminish any possibility of injury.  Last but not least, we try to teach while we train.  If we can pass on knowledge that you understand and can apply, we have accomplished something long lasting that you can take with you as you move forward.

Come try us for FREE now and don't miss out on the best personal training in Oshkosh!


Our classes are designed for ALL fitness levels, and ALL ages.  If you are comfortable in a class setting then you can complete a class at Synergy!  We allow 12 people per class, and you must sign-up for all classes.  Every class you attend will be different, with a variety of challenges and different programs.  You will NEVER do the same workout twice, from start to finish.

Tired of getting hurt in your current routine!?

Tired of being "challenged" by a trainer who thinks the only way is to add more weight?!

Feeling lost in your current class setting and unsure if you are doing exercises correctly?!

We can solve all of these for you.  Come try your FREE class now.  Once you do, you'll never experience anything like it again.

Who can workout at Synergy?!

Synergy was created for EVERYONE!  We have experience working with ages 10 to 92 and from current and ex D1 collegiate athletes to those that are unfamiliar with the mechanics of a squat.  We have a private space where you and your trainer get to focus on your workout without feeling uncomfortable or being distracted by others.  Need only upper or lower extremity work?  We have what it takes to continue to challenge you and move forward regardless of the obstacle.  If you want to see what we are all about, come and give us a try, for FREE!

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